Online calculators

By using an online calculator such as Cordell, your customers can calculate the cost to rebuild their home based on the information they provide.

Cordell is a trusted independent building and construction information provider. Their calculators have been used extensively overseas.

Express Cordell Online Calculator - This calculator only takes a few minutes to complete and requires the basic information of your customers’ home.

Comprehensive Cordell Online Calculator - As it suggests this calculator asks more comprehensive questions which may mean the estimate provided will be more accurate. It will take your customers around 10 minutes to complete.

Seek professional advice

Depending on their circumstances, your customers may find it more appropriate to engage the services of a quantity surveyor, valuer, architect, or builder to help work out a sum insured amount.


This calculator is provided by Cordell Information Pty Ltd. It uses typical building replacement costs based on Cordell’s research to provide an estimated typical building replacement cost.

The cost of rebuilding your home will depend on the specific details of your home. If you want advice on the cost of rebuilding your home you need to contact a valuation or building professional.

Your use of the Cordell calculator is authorised on the condition that Cordell and Vero Insurance NZ Limited do not have any liability of any kind for, or arising from the use of, the Cordell calculator.

This is general information and is not a recommendation, opinion or guidance on the sum insured that is appropriate for your circumstances. Nor does this information provide any advice or opinion on the extent or adequacy of the cover provided by sum insured insurance. This information is not personalised financial advice and does not take into account your particular situation. You must make your own decision on the sum insured that is appropriate for your circumstances.

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